ep.#1 Kelly's sister (series premiere) date: August 02, 2007Edit

ep.#2 A pet legs season:1 date: August 02, 2007Edit

ep.#3 How to fix a T.V. season:1 date: August 04, 2007Edit

ep.#4 Bad food season:1 date: August 04, 2007Edit

ep.#5 canned laugh season:1 date: August 18, 2007Edit

ep.#6 the flying kid season:1 date: August 21, 2007Edit

ep.#7 the punch of mystery season:1 date: August 21, 2007Edit

ep.#8 super legs season:1 date: August 23, 2007Edit

movie#1 Jet the friendfinder movie date: September 11, 2007Edit

ep.#9 the cookie boss season:1 date: October 03, 2007Edit

ep.#10 Halloween killer season:1 date: October 29, 2007Edit

ep.#11 where's Jet season:1 date: November 25, 2007Edit

ep.#12 the death of the nuns (season 1 finale) date: November 27, 2007 Edit

-------------------------- season 2------------------------------------Edit

ep.#13 Snelly's 6th birthday season:2 date: November 28, 2007Edit

ep.#14 legs the hero season:2 date: November 29, 2007Edit

ep.#15 gunman season:2 date: December 01, 2007Edit

ep.#16 the bad word season:2 date: December 01, 2007Edit

ep.#17 carrie visits "N city" season:2 date: December 02, 2007Edit

ep.#18 A jet christmas season:2 date: December 04, 2007Edit

ep.#19 alien pt.1 season:2 date: December 27, 2007Edit

ep.#20 alien pt.2 season:2 date: December 27, 2007Edit

ep.#21 how to drive season:2 date: December 28, 2007Edit

ep.#22 Kelly and Snelly's house season:2 date: January 05, 2008Edit

ep.#23 memories of Snelly season:2 date: February 06, 2008Edit

ep.#24 3-D world season:2 date: February 23, 2008Edit

ep.#25 underdog season:2 date: February 27, 2008Edit

movie#2 Jet's girlfriend date: March 09, 2008Edit

ep.#26 Jet's truck season: 2 date: March 13, 2008Edit

ep.#27 Jet's dummy season:2 date: March 18, 2008Edit

ep.#28 Jet's trampoline (season 2 finale) date: March 19, 2008Edit

----------------------season 3------------------------------- Edit

ep.#29 Legs' girlfriend season:3 date: April 19, 2008Edit

ep.#30 magic tricks season:3 date: May 11, 2008Edit

ep.#31 punch-flip season:3 date: June 07, 2008Edit

ep.#32 Jet's record season:3 date: August 06, 2008Edit

ep.#33 the AD season:3 date: September 11, 2008Edit

ep.#34 the burp season:4 date: January 05, 2009Edit

movie#3 Jet the friendhaver (series finale) date: December 26, 2009Edit

movie#4 Jet the friendhaver w/ commentary by Jet and Danny date: December 26, 2009Edit

episodes:34 movies:4 total:38Edit

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